Body and Mind: Comparative research on mentalistic conceptualizations in Poland and China

Gut A., Hryniewska J., Pejda K, Mirski R., Stoch A; (2018) Body and Mind: Comparative research on Mentalistic Conceptualization in Poland and China, in: Studies in Linguistic, Anglophone Literatures and Cultures, edited by Duda, B., R. Kiełtyka, R. and E. Konieczna Peter Lang Publisher (2018) pp.70-92.

Abstract: The chapter presents preliminary research done as part of a project in which we aim to explore the influence of cultural factors on social cognition. The project focuses on the comparison of two social groups – the Polish and the Chinese – and the studies presented pertain to the distinction between the concepts of the mind and the body in the two cultures. Our interdisciplinary methodology comprises relevant analyses of philosophical tradition in both cultures, linguistic analysis of contemporary language, and questionnaire studies aimed at measuring the extent to which linguistic practice and philosophical tradition impact actual conceptualizations of the concepts in question. Preliminary results suggest that dualistic philosophical tradition of the West is indeed reflected in Poles’ conceptualizations of the mind and the body as distinct entities. This leads to contrast between what is emotional and what is intellectual. Conversely, the Chinese concept of the heart-mind present in the Chinese linguistic practice and philosophical tradition leads to holistic conceptualizations of the mind and the body and spheres of the intellectual and the emotional, corresponding to them.

Keywords: dualism, soul, mind, holism, culture

Culture, Cognition, Discourse and Grammar. Cognitive Considerations on Formulaic Language

Series: Studies in Linguistics, Anglophone Literatures and Cultures

Edited By Bożena Duda, Robert Kiełtyka and Ewa Konieczna

This book is a collection of papers pertaining to some of the current problems of language description couched in terms of recent advances of the theory of Cognitive Linguistics. The analyses conducted by the authors examine the interrelation between culture, discourse, grammar and cognition, with a particular focus placed on the nature and role of formulaic language.

ISBN: 978-3-631-77387-1

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